Thetahealing┬« Sessions & Seminars  
You will receive energetic downloads from the creator of all that is as we clear and remove limiting beliefs and negative feelings that you are ready to remove and release from the patterns and programs that no longer serve you.  

You will a sense a connection and a wonderful sensation will come over you as you continue the healing process through Thetahealing. 

Clients like this both in person and through skype or the phone. 

Intuitive Readings
include but not limited to:

Intuitive Anatomy Readings 
Angels & Spirit Guides
Past Lives
Revealing Old Genetic Patterns
Programs and Beliefs Cleared
DNA Upgrades
Unconditional Love Healing
Baby in the Womb Healing
Time Line Healing
Future Readings and Miracles

Clients like this both in person and through skype or the phone. 

Reiki Energy Healing offers you an opportunity to relax and just allow.

Your Reiki session you will feel relaxed, peaceful, more balanced and over all well being of the mind, body & spirit.

Your chakras will be balanced and your energy field cleansed.
You can also come to a workshop to learn how to use and apply reiki for yourself and your life

Reiki can be done in person or distant healing sessions are available. 

Energy Healing offers you an unique opportunity to heal on the qautum matrix level, healing all levels of feelings, thoughts and emotions.

This is a very deep cleansing and clearing of a particular topic or two.

Each topic takes up to approx. 30 minutes to clear. 

Clients like this both in person and through skype or the phone. 

When we connect we will begin to tap on pain, strong feelings and emotions.

You will be guided and taught how to use the EFT tapping technique and you will learn this amazing healing technique as we process through the energy body. In this journey we will release stuck emotions and feelings. 

Clients like this both in person and through skype or the phone. 

Access Consciousness Bars
session is done in person. 

Time will dissolve and so will your problems. 

This session will release anger and resentments with ease and grace and bring in a happiness and a feeling of openness, expansive. 

This is an excellent healing done alone of after a Thetahealing Session. 

Life, Spiritual and Law of Attraction Coaching.
If you need guidance in one area of your life or all areas of your life Pam has the training, tools and skills to assist and guide you for a fulfilling your destiny, desires and dreams.
Pam has done it! She has cleared $250K debit in 4 years and raised her credit score to over 740 and she did this all of this without a "job".  She uses many techniques to bring your vibration up to be in the flow of all that is.
Email her today to schedule your Free consultation.

Akashic Records Readings and guidance from the records is a very healing process. 

All of our souls information and all  universal knowledge is recorded in the Akashic Records including our soul family, spirit guides and guardian angels. Soul patterns maybe revealed in this session that can be clear and resolved so current negative patterns and programs can also be released and dissolved. 

Akashic Record Readings can easily been done over the phone. 

Sound Healing sessions are done standing alone or has been included in any of the other services provided. 

Vibration and sound bring in tremindious healing on a very deep level. 

You will feel healed on a special level as tones, sound and frequencies comes into your energy field and downloaded into your essence. 

Sound healing is done in person and by phone and skype sessions. 

Disclaimers and Disclosures: Pamela Jackson is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose conditions. Pamela is trained in and hold many certifications in multiple complimentary and spiritual healing techniques. What is communicated during sessions are only suggestions. These suggestions do not take the place of treatment of a medical professional.