I have been using EFT and the thetahealing technique for a few years and I have seen some pretty amazing things. I was thinking where and how should I share these miracles and decided to share them right here on this page. I will continue to update and add as I review my records and new miracles happen.

2017, It was in June when I was working with this man who was loosing weight for no reason when I was shown that his thyroid was overacting, heated. So I ask the creator to do a healing on his thyroid and I saw a flash of light in that area. 
Update: He instantly stopped loosing weight, gained a healthy appetite and is now gaining weight. 

Clients Love and Comments

Pam, All the anger about my job just left. I noticed in the days since not only do I view my job and the people differently but they are also talking and treating me differently. Thank you so very much for this transformation

Hi Pam, this is Renee from yesterday and I just wanted to touch base with you and I don't really know how to explain this to you or what happened when you worked with me. Because you see I have gone to many doctors and many healers for this problem I have had for years but today I don't have this problem and I just don't know what to think about it. I feel better today than I thought I could ever feel or even notice and even though I don't know what happened or what shifted I would be so happy to give you any reference if anyone ever needs one. Renee.

I felt totally comfortable and at ease during my first session with Pam. She didn’t counsel me, she didn’t do muscle testing or anything else I wasn’t expecting. We did EFT the entire session. I was amazed that all the things that were upsetting me and bothering me started to vanish during our session.

Awesome Pam! 

I feel you did a amazing job and it resonated with me completely! In fact I was just looking for confirmation on what I already felt I knew to be true. It is quite interesting how you were taken there. I like how you are doing the readings for people that serves as a much needed gift at this time. You will help people help themselves understand their true self and when we do that we emit a very bright light that is needed upon this earth at this time. Again thank you Pam and Blessed Be!

The first time I met Pam and heard her speak about EFT, I knew she was the person I’d been looking for! She was different than the others I’d worked with. She has an extensive knowledge of the way EFT works. Pam is intuitive and a very kind and caring person.

It didn’t take hours for my depression, anxiety, and other bad feelings to go away. My depression was gone when I left her office. I was actually “HAPPY” as I started to drive home. 

Hi Pam.. just wanted to give you an update since our session. I am feeling SO much better, more centered and connected to my body and have lost 4 pounds since then without doing anything. The bloating and inflammation have gone down very much which resulted in some lost weight. Thank you again.. I will definitely want another session soon. Big Hugs